Friday, February 5, 2016

Cold Noses

I just love snuggglin' w/my mom in the big bed in the mornin's. Dad's up or gone to work. Me an' Lexie have been out patrolin'. That bed is all comfy an' warm. I usually snooze against her back or across her feet. Sometimes, Lexie is up there, too...but mostly she's snoozin' on the floor on a pillow that mom's tossed down there durin' the nite. Our day doesn't start till mom gets up, an' we like to be close to her when she's sleepin'.

Mom gets up almost the same time every mornin'....she don't use a clock...she says when you're used to gettin' up at a certain time an' you're as old as she is...that clock is sorta built in. Lexie an' I understand that....'cause we know about what time she gets up. On the times when dad's there in the mornin'...we keep him company until it's about that time an' then we go in the bedroom to mom. If she's awake, we greet her w/mornin' kisses an' hugs....if not...then we wait.

Well, yesterday, mom was busy goin' thru her closet....I guess she got really tired, 'cause she didn't wake up at the usual time. I had been out patrollin' w/Lexie. It got down to freezin' last nite, but the sun's up this mornin'' there's even some kind of work crew a couple houses, Lexie an' I have been busy. All of a sudden, I checked my internal clock an' realized that mom wasn't up. I had to go check on her.....I got up in the bed from dad's side, so as not to disturb her. Then I thought I'd check on her. I got up an' snuffled what part of her face an' neck that was stickin' outa the covers an' then gave her a gentle kiss on the face.

Normally, she'll give me a hug...some pettin'' then I'll lay down beside her for some cuddlin' an' "me" time. Imagine my surprise when she almost bolted upright w/her eyes all wide. Then she plopped back down w/a , "where have you been?" an' really snuggled back under the covers.
How was I s'posed to know my nose was like an' ice cube?

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