Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wet Dogs an' Cold Showers

That cold/flu medicine really knocks mom out.  She's been sleepin' later then usual, so , naturally,  I've been up in bed w/her makin' sure she's not disturbed.   Lexie an' I couldn't go out at our regular time this mornin' 'cause it was pourin'.   Finally, about 9:30, we couldn't wait any longer....an' it had slowed down some.   Dad let us out, but I can tell you, I wasn't out there very long.   Just a quick run to the trees an' get my business done an' then back in the house.   Then, of course, I had to go back an' check on mom, who was still in bed.   She was awake...still just kinda sleepy...so, I went an' gave her a good snufflin' an' a kiss on the face. (I do that every mornin' as soon as I know she's awake).   She reached up to pet me "good mornin'".......

Then she pulled back her hand w/a "ewwwww"....."you're all wet!"...."where have you been?".......Then Lexie popped up on the side of the bed an' gave her a big kiss...mom reached down to pet her "good mornin".....an' repeated the "ewwww"..."you're all wet, too!"........

About then dad showed up w/the towels an' told mom that we were too fast for him.   Obviously, we want to tell mom that it was rainin'...lol

Needless to say, mom was fully awake by now...she said wet dogs is kinda similar to a cold shower first thing in the mornin' an' she got up.

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