Friday, February 5, 2016

Wobbler Games

Havin' fun in the house w/our big kong wobbler. It's filled w/some fancy kibble sample mom got. Lexie an' I are takin' turns whackin' it an' rollin' it.

" your help, it's stuck behind mom's chair....."

<dad gets up an' moves it back on the other side of the livin' room>

"'s stuck over there again, an' I can't get it unstuck (even Lexie's helpin' to call for help)"

<dad gets up an' moves it the other side of the chimes in an' tells him to do himself a favor an' move our beds in front of her chair>

"' can't reach....."

<dad gets up to see what's the matter...the wobbler is just beside that big wooden' I'm havin' an issue over by mom's chair>

"'s some of that kibble...under mom's' I can't get, it's right there....get it...but don't give it to's' don't throw it away...'cause it's mine....gimme...."

<dad finally looks to where I'm pointin'' sees the two tiny lil' pieces of kibble....behind mom's chair....he gets ' 'em to me...then thinkin' I don't notice, makes a sarcastic comment to mom about what a big deal that was for two tiny lil' pieces of kibble> was a big deal....Lexie an' I were havin' a competition to see who found the most....those two pieces put me way over the top........she was still over there rollin' an' whackin' that' it was empty.

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