Saturday, February 20, 2016

Raisin' Mom.....

I dunno what's w/mom.
First off, I don't know why she gets so suspicious when she don't see or hear us.
Second, our house isn't that big, you'd think she'd be more aware of what's goin' on.

She's been leavin' the greenhouse open durin' the day, 'cause it's been so sunny.  At nite, she closes it up 'cause we've still got pretty cool nites.  Lexie an' I followed her out there to close it up, an' then went on an' did a patrol.  Mom went back in the house an' got busy, well busy doin' mom stuff...borin' as heck as far as Lexie an' I are concerned.  It didn't even evolve the kitchen.

Awhile later, mom took a moment an' realized she hadn't heard or seen either one of us since she closed up the greenhouse.   I wasn't in my tower, Lexie wasn't nappin' in the kitchen or on the couch.  Neither one of us were in our beds.  So, mom went to the back door an' opened it..then proceeded to call us.   No answer.   She whistled an' called us again.   Still no answer.   About then, she was startin' to get concerned an' called louder...nothin'....not even Ginger from next door.

Now she was gettin' worried.......

We were, too.....

Lexie went thru her lil' door to stand on her lil' porch to get a better look to see what mom was lookin'' I finally pushed past mom's legs to see, too........
Still not sure what the emergency was.  Lexie an' I were stayin' outa the way an' just nappin' in her room when we heard her open that backdoor.  We came right away an' were standin' behind her.....but she never turned around.  

At least we got a cookie treat outa' it.   Maybe I need to write a book., "An Airedale's Guide to Raisin' Mom".

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  1. Too funny. You two were right there whilst Mom was starting to panic.