Sunday, February 28, 2016

Into the Dark.......

It was a cool clear nite as we made our rounds. Mom was sittin' on the couch watchin' tv w/dad. Then she noticed she was bein' me. I was standin' at the big door, just starin' at her. As soon as she saw me.....I took off.....just disappeared. Awhile later....there I was' again...I disappeared. Then Lexie zipped way..then the other...then back again. Then it was like we were never there.

Mom went back to watchin' her tv. It was some kind of suspense show...she likes them. All of a sudden she jumped....due to the surprisin' loud bang on the back door.....I was back! An' to get her attention, I gave that door a big knock an' backed it up w/a giant grin....while starin' right at her. She finally got the' got up. Of course, as soon as she opened the door, I took off w/Lexie (who was hidin' in the wings so to speak). Mom began to follow us..but then turned back for her big lite. We had rounded the big grapefruit tree to the gardens by the pond...then disappeared.
She came back out w/her big lite, then took the shortcut to the pond, lookin' for us. We were bein' quiet an' by now, she'd figured out that she was in the middle of a hide n' seek game an' was "it". All she could see was shadows an' every now an' again somethin' tan flittin' across her lite. She couldn't find us.

Then she decided to take that lil' trail that's got bushes on either side of it to cut us off. She thought she had seen us by the pond bench. This is probably her least favorite trail to take in the dark....'cause gettin' spidery webs in the face is thousand times worse in the dark, an' she's convinced that dark trails w/close bushes is just a recipe for stuff to jump out at you. Truth be told, she may be right, she has experienced some incidents on this trail. This is about where that mouse ran across her foot (we chased it out from under a bush), that snake in the palm tree (that was scary since it was at face level...she went one way & it went the other not sure who was more scared), & the possum over her head (just one of our normal nite hunts).

In any case, she was determined to find us. So, off she went down that lil' trail..but not too fast. She was almost to the cut off to the bench...when somethin' poked her in the back of her legs....she jumped an' turned around...just in time to see a flash of two tails round the corner at the end of the trail. We had circled around an' had been followin' her.

Mom turned around an' headed back to the house.....only to find us. I was layin' on the' Lexie was up in that big chair w/dad. He looked at her an asked, "where have you been?" She looked at us, made that "face".....and just nodded an' said, "funny....really funny guys".

Hey....she wanted suspense an' excitement.....we just aim to please. :)

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