Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's all about Love.....Happy Valentines's Day

Just spendin' it w/family an' those your love....don't need anythin' fancy or "storebought".   Me an' Lexie have been at our pet resort while mom an' dad went cruisin'' just got back yesterday.   Today, is just a hangin' around the house day.....but mom let me in on a secret....when she an' dad went to the grocery store , cause there wasn't any food in the house except for our kibble  (for some reason, it's good enough for us, but not for her...go figure), she bought me an' Lexie a lil' steak.   Now, I may take back that "storebought" any case, a steak is much better then flowers or a card.  Even Lexie agrees.  

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