Saturday, August 27, 2016

Eyebrows an' vacation

Well....I figured it out.  We got baths, mom an' dad got out' I heard dad confirmin' our resort reservations.  We're all goin' on vacation for a week!'s been packin' all day....why all day?...Cause she has to try on every single' hates it all.  She even bought new' now wonders what kind of mind set was she in?  Maybe that store had some kind of magic circus mirrors 'cause she sure don't like how they look in our mirrors.  She's got a huge pile (literally) thrown in a suitcase, now she's takin' it all out an' cullin' it 'cause she don't need that many clothes, there's not that many hours in a day or that many days.   On top of it all, she wonderin' why packin' is such a big deal.  Why can't she just grab what she wears everyday here an' just go?  Heck she don't know any of them people in Vegas...if it's good enough for here where people may know should be good enough for there.' you know the story of me losin' an' eyebrow....well, ....she hasn't been wearin' her contacts for awhile...just her glasses.  An' she just didn't get around to gettin' her eyebrows shaped up.  So, she bought this thingee that was s'posed to shape 'em for her.  But to do it, she had to take off her glasses...(bet you know where this is goin', lol). seemed easy,  Ran that wax pen thingee under her eyebrow, put on the lil' linen strip...ripped it' she's only got half an eyebrow.   What to do?  She was very conservative with her other'  hardly did anythin', but she ws scared to do anymore.  She guesses that she'll just pencil it in...she'd kinda artsy, anyway an' should be able to do it.  Now, she's lookin' at me an' said that I need my eyebrows cut.....I think I'll just mosey on outside for a patrol.

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