Friday, January 27, 2017

On the' naps.... do you even ask...when you hired us, it was with the full understanding that we'd be on duty 24/7. Look at the contract..I've got it right here. That means that if we hear somethin', like this morning at 2 & again at 6, well, we're gonna be out there takin' care of business. We have no control of where the threat may this morning's case, it was in the tree by your bedroom window & then on the roof as it tried to escape. That cold weather that came thru last nite, had them critters all kinds of stirred up.

Just a suggestion...if you took naps in the afternoon, like we do...missin' some in the middle of the night wouldn't be such a big deal for you. Just a thought. In the meantime. Check your contract...AHS is on the job & will always be givin' 100%, day or nite

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