Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Airedales are professional landscapers.....

Yep, helped mom in the yard, again. Don't know what she'd do with out us.  Mom had these two lil' herb plants, she wanted to plant. Bein' the great helpers we are.....Lexie & I decided to just jump right in there & take over. A bigger hole is always better than a little hole, I always say. Lexie even had some ideas & put in her touches. Yep, I think it's ready for plantin', now......by the way, we are available for hire.


  1. Oh man, you two are champion diggers. Angus and I were talking about our own landscaping business, if you need a side job, you are hired. Hope your mom appreciated all the aire-ating you did to the ground.

    1. Thank you. We are really good at this kind of stuff. Being the professionals we are, we don't dig randomly, only where needed. Mom keeps tryin' to use shovels & stuff, but we are much more efficient. If things get slow around here, I'll be in touch. (We work cheap, too...fresh water & cookies.)