Monday, April 9, 2012

Mom's Gettin' Tricky...

Poor mom..she just keeps tryin' to trick us up.  It just don't work.  I guess she was inspired by all the easter egg huntin' everywhere, so she decided to be really sneaky. First of all, she took our chicken wings & hid them in these lil' black bowls w/lil' black lids.....and not only that..she didn't let us see what she was hidin' them in. To be even sneakier, she did the hidin' when we was in the house w/dad & even left the sprinkler on (tryin' to cover her tracks, I guess). We didn't know she was up to somethin', at all.   All of a sudden, she comes in the house...and announces, "find"!  Of course, we lose all interest in dad & zoom outside. 
 Her "hidey pots"...

 I guess she thought w/no holes we couldn't smell 'em....ha!

 Her "hidin' place"...way back against the fence in the shade....have to admit, they do blend in...but she forgot about our noses.....

 Ok...I do took us a lil' longer to find 'em.....maybe 15 seconds longer!  Lol!! was a good try, but you're gonna have to do better than this, to give us a challenge.

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  1. Great idea, looks like a fun Easter Wing Hunt!!!