Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bloom Thief Strikes Again.....

Mom's got all these projects goin' on in the backyard. She's redoin' gardens & all kind of stuff. Well, she went & bought a whole bunch of these hibiscus bushes. She even dragged dad along ('cause he had his truck & to do the "heavy liftin"). All the bushes were handpicked, by her. Only the ones that had blooms made the cut, & she wanted certain colors for certain gardens. Dad unloaded them & took them to the back, as soon as they got home. She unloaded the little stuff & took it to the house. Then she went out back.............all the bushes were there, lined up real nice like. They are all about the same size & will look great. Only one problem.......and that problem was a 43 lb, waggin' tail, lil' airedale w/a tiny piece of a peach bloom stickin' outa' the side of her mouth that she was munchin' on. Oh....and all the bushes...not a single one has a bloom on it...well, except for that last kinda has a lil' piece of peach bloom still there. Mom's gonna go ahead & plant 'em...guess it'll just be a surprise what color is where. That is, if Lexie don't get to them first. lol

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