Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Yesterday was Earth Day.  Mom & dad spent it workin' in the backyard, alllllll day!  Dad emptied his shed & then put up another one.  There was stuff spred out all over the yard.  It was just fantastic for snoopin'.  Lexie snagged a couple things...a new rope, one of dad's gloves, a paint roller & a lil' broom.   Dad went & confiscated them from her stash under the fig tree (mom, also, took back one of her lil' pillows that was under there) lol. I helped mom...she was working on the big flower bed by the pond (it's in the shade, like they say, us airedales are smart).
One of the hi-lites was Lexie findin' a lil' toad.  She decided it needed some exercise,  so she took it for a walk...once around the pecan tree!  She gets facinated by the funniest things.....


  1. Nice job on exercisin' the toad, Lexie!
    I didn't do anything outside yesterday because we had rain.

    Love ya lots,

  2. i love that video! your do is soo cute!!
    that's my blog, do you have any advice??