Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day!

 Mom convinced me that real guys can wear pink & have long hair.....I'm not sure, but since it's April Fool's Day, I'll go along with it.  :)

Now, Lexie...she says she's a spring fairy, 'cause she heard they get lots of sweet stuff.  In a sense, it worked for her...she did get a lil' marshmallow for posin'.   Then she went & celebrated the day, her way.

Lexie is takin' full advantage of today. First, she snagged a bag of sausages & took off across the yard w/'em. Mom saw her & told dad, Lexie was makin' off w/his lunch. I was followin' her..well, because she has a history of snatchin' stuff & then literally left holdin' the bag...the empty bag. She almost always picks up stuff from the bottom, leaving a trail of stolen goods. I follow her "pickin' up the pieces" so to speak. By the time she gets to where she's goin', I've taken care of all the evidence & she's got the bag. It's a great system, as far as I'm concerned. In today's case, dad started after her & was callin' her name. Lo & behold....she stopped. She gave him a big grin (still holdin' the bag of sausages) & wagged her little tail....and then, gave up the sausages. The bag wasn't even opened! He took them back to the grill to cook. She stuck right by his side. After he & mom ate, we got a sausage. So, it all worked out alright. Later, she snatched another bag, dad had left layin' out. No sausages in this one. It was a big roll of string covered in brite brite scary orange powder. (dad uses it to mark lines for stuff). Mom was horrified. Lexie was in one of her moods & thought it'd be fun to play keep away from mom. So, she's runnin' around w/it, leavin' a trail of orange powder everywhere. Then mom settles down & tells her to take it to daddy. (mom thought he was still outside & on the deck). Lexie thought this was a grand idea. She takes off makin' a beeline for her doggy's eyes are getttin' bigger & she's runnin' after's in the house. He's in the kitchen, as a matter of fact. Mom can be pretty fast when she wants to....but she wasn't fast enough. When she came in the door, Lexie had already made a circle around the coffee table & was headed to the kitchen. How do we know? "Cause there's a trail of brite brite scary orange powder. Mom yells for dad, (he's got his earphone thingees on & up to now, had no clue as to what's goin' on). He finally looks up as Lexie is about to run into the kitchen. He gets up, & she sits w/her prize (which is leakin' a bit). He gets her a cookie & she trades her bag for it. Well, at this point...I go in the kitchen & give dad a look.....hey, I've been good...where's my cookie? He gets the message & gets me one, too. Dad takes his bag to the garage & mom is tryin' to get the orangey powder off the rug..... I think we've got a good thing goin'. Lexie has learned that even if she don't get to eat it, all she has to do is steal it & hold it hostage. Dad'll pay a cookie ransom for just about anything. Me? I just have to follow the action & I make out like a bandit & can still claim, "I'm the Good One".

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