Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fun with Cones

Fun w/cones...Lexie's to be

First off, mom caught her doin' a pretzel move an' managin' to scratch her face w/her back foot, so dad was sent to get a bigger cone. Then Lexie got herself stuck behind the kitchen table an' the front window...that was funny. She managed to back herself out. She's knocked all kinds of stuff off things, Mom says her legs are all bruised up. Then with the big cone, Lexie was tryin' to eat her green beans mom gave' was just pushin' 'em all over the place w/her tongue....'cause she can't reach 'em w/her mouth. So, mom went to take off the cone an' between the two of 'em...they managed to knock over both our bowls of food, all over the kitchen. But the best one of all.....picture's standin' on the deck w/Lexie on her long lead. Lexie's out at the end of it, squatted down finally takin' a much needed "p" break. (She's been havin' trouble doin' it on a lead w/an audience).....I thought I heard somethin', an' ran across the yard to, was I s'posed to see a thin black lead line strung across the the dark? At least I put on the breaks enough that neither mom or Lexie fell completely down. I just hope Lexie doesn't get some kind of post traumatic pee disorder from it. I can't wait to see what happens on day 3.

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