Monday, December 12, 2016

They were everywhere.....

Good morning!!! 

Started this mornin' with a bang...literally.

After spendin' yesterday afternoon pickin' up pecans outa the yard...which is a chore in itself 'cause the ground's, also, covered in brown leaves, Mom left the bucket of pecans on a box....for some reason she thought me an' Lexie shouldn't have full access.
Well, this mornin'...she somehow knocked the entire 3 gallon bucket of pecans over,  & all gadzillion of em were rollin' all over the livingroom.   It was awesome! At one point she was usin' Lexie's frizbee to scoop 'em up...meanwhile, I was helpin' in my own way. I'd run over & check out her progress, then grab one...go eat it. Then she told me to quit that, so, I worked on the ones that had rolled way over by my bed....I thought that was only her the trouble of havin' to look for 'em.  Lexie had a stash back behind dad's chair an' was muchin' away.  

Hey, mom can't say we don't help.   

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