Tuesday, December 27, 2016

No Holiday Break for AHS

Humph...I guess the critters thought AHS was on holiday break or somethin'. 

Last nite, Lexie & I had to chase a possum outa the yard...in the mud...at midnite. 

You shoulda seen mom's face....proud isn't a word I'd use.... when she saw Lexie come inside w/her lil' legs the same color as the saddle on her back. Lexie, of course,  had a big smile on her face, 'cause she wears that mud like a badge of honor....good work as far as she's concerned.

This mornin' (it's prime squirrel weather, cold, grey & damp)...we've been takin' turns keepin' one squirrel treed
. He's huggin' the trunk on that pecan tree so hard, it's like a second skin. Oh, he got cheeky earlieer...sittin' out on a limb like one of those toy squirrels w/his tail all curled in a "S" shape, just twitchin' every now & again. But that was when Lexie was out there by herself...when I came out...he decided not to be so brave. Then...when our neighbor, Mr Hawk & his wife decided to come check out the field & woods behind us....that ol' squirrel started to really tried to pretend he's part of that tree.

So far...we're all at an impasse.. & the squirrel's in the middle pressed against that tree trunk. The hawks are ridin' the air waves & we're settled in under the tree......stay tuned....

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