Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lexie doin' her AHS duty

Have to give her props, Lexie does take her AHS duties seriously...sometimes. Yesterday, it was cold...has been cold for a couple of days. Well, another weather blew thru w/lots of wind, a lil'' it raised the temps to 80.

We stayed in the house while it rained, an' napped. So, tonite Lexie went out on patrol. I was layin' by mom when I heard Lexie soundin' off. I could tell she was needin' backup. Found her out in the back corner goin' behind mom's greenhouse an' dad's shed.
Then I picked up on what she was after. Between the two of us, we managed to chase it up on the fence.

I had it "treed" (well, fenced) an' sent Lexie in to get mom. Lexie zoomed inside, got a quick drink, went to mom an' let her know we had a' she wasn't takin' "no, I'm not goin' out in the dark" for an' answer.

Mom, finally, got her lite an' followed Lexie out back. It was still pretty overcast, so it's really dark back there in that corner. I showed mom where that critter was last seen. She shined her lite there, didn't see nothin'. I showed her again...she shined it all up an down the fence....I was still tryin' to tell her where to look.

She finally shined it up over her head, after warnin' me there better not be anythin' there. There wasn't...I finally had to stand against that fence to get her to understand where to look. Even Lexie was right there.

Mom shined her lite at the top of the fence..the kept goin'' sure 'nuff...she finally saw it. A big ol' possum in the tree...problem had climbed from the top of our fence to the top of the tree in Ginger's yard. Which is like gettin' a total free pass...not only was that possum the same size as was way up in that' since she's only got feet an' knees...hardly any legs....that possum can pretty much do what ever it wants in her yard. stated the obvious that it had gotten away (duh)....we knew that....even Lexie knew that....we just wanted mom to be informed as to what was goin' on.

In fact, Lexie an' I were waitin' in the kitchen when mom finally made it back to the house. An' yes, we were fully expectin' a reward for a job well done. Mom didn't say much...just closed Lexie's lil' door, put up her lite....came in the kitchen an' saw us sittin' there....did that thing w/her eyebrow...but got us each a cookie.

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