Monday, December 26, 2016

Ho Ho Ho...Around the block we go.....

Christmas day was great!

As usual, a couple of unexpected when M'shell came over & I zipped past her for a quick zoom down the street, back to her...bypassed her & around the other block..till dad came w/his truck. He opened the door & mom yelled (from the end of the block) for me to "get in the truck".

 I heard her & went to the driver's side, where he was & hopped in. An' I wasn't the only one that heard her did some guy who was walkin' out in his yard. He thought she was yellin' at him to get in dad's stopped truck (he 
didn't see me).

He did apologize for callin' her crazy after he figured out what was going on.

Then when we all get back home, the kichen had to be mopped..'cause "someone" left the water runnin' in the sink durin' all the excitement.

But after all this, we got to open all our gifts & stockin's. Lexie an' I  got new kong balls that squeak really loud, & new stuffies (Lexie's favorite is her lil' raindeer), & some kong pull toys (they squeak, too)...lots of chews & treats.

Now, about these treats..they were presents from Santa. I understand we can't have 'em all at once. (Lexie would try) But, I think we shouldn't have to "work" for them...they're should be able to get one when we want one...just like dad does his choc. covered cherries he got for Christmas. Or mom & her cookies....

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