Friday, December 16, 2016

Toe Job

You probably can't tell, but that white thing is my left foot. It's still hurts & I won't put my foot down. I think I broke or sprained my toe.   I'm still takin' that medicine from my dr, & I've been under house arrest...but it's still hurtin'. Mom put on her "Nurse Nancy" hat & decided to practice some of her medicine. She's had a couple of broke toes in the past (karate is tough on old ladies). What made them feel better was supportin ' em by taping them up to another toe. So, she decided to treat it like that. She bribed me w/some jerky & wrapped my foot & then put a sock on it. I let her, no biggie.  I'm patient.  

As soon as she was finished, I hopped off the couch & immediately began to remove it. Lexie had been on the coffee table observin', and she jumped down to help me. I got a piece where it was tied, Lexie got the other piece, then mom got involved...then we was goin' in circles. Mom came to her senses & stopped. Then she announced, "who wants some jerky?" Well.....we froze & beat her to the kitchen. After that, I forgot all about that stuff on my foot...I think that pill makes me sleepy zzzzzz

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