Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wake up Call

Awwww.....(stretch)...what a great day! .  It started out foggy......Lexie an' I love foggy mornin's, an' we like to get up an' out in it...early.  

Mom was sleepin' on her left side. I'm sure she thought that would deter any early mornin' wake ups. (I usually wake her up w/a kiss). Well....when you wanna go out...you wanna go out.  .   I just gave her a big paw smack on the back of her head...that woke her up.
Oh, I know from experience that a nosey nose poke usually works in cases like this.  But most times it just results to a pat on the head an' then she'll roll back over an' snuggle deeper in the blankets.  I swear she can do this in her sleep.   Trust me....a paw slap gets instant results.   

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