Saturday, January 21, 2017

10 you know what your 'dale(s) has been up to?

AHS report.......10 you know what your 'dale (s) have been up to? doesn't either.

 Can I help it if it started drizzlin' an' we were still tryin' to apprehend what was under the' Lexie said she'd go under there an' check it out. I'm certainly not gonna stop her...I thought it was a great plan..I was ready for the capture if she actuallly flushed anythin' out. But since there's three sides an' only one of musta gone out one of the other sides...oh well. It was fun. 

Well, for the moment...till we came in to report to mom. I just have a lil' dirty beard..washed that off in the water' then I escaped up to my office tower. Lexie...well....sorry, kid...but off to the shower...<countin' up>..I think that's bath number 4 plus one hose off in less then a week..I think she's goin' for the record.

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