Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ahhh....Good Times

Ok...I'm going on record that I did NOT tell Lexie to break into that fenced off corner of our yard. She just went rogue an' did it on her own in her exuberance to catch a thief.

It's another foggy nite outback. Kinda been an' excitin' ol' times (mom says "NOT!"). First off, there's been lots of sirens, seems there's a fire of some sort down a block or' all kinds of emergency personnel have been comin' an' goin'. Second, we almost caught one of the thieves of mom's oranges. Somethin' has been raidin' 'em at nite. They get 'em off the trees an' strew 'em all over the yard, takin' just a few bites. The top suspects are r'coons an' 'possums...probably both...they do it to the grapefruit trees, too. We have more fruit on the ground then on the trees.

Anyway, we'd been out patrollin' for awhile. Nice an' quiet like...which makes mom nervous. Then I came inside an' gave mom a big nosepoke. I was alone. Mom asked me where Lexie' I pointed to outside. Mom started gettin' that squinty eye thing as she got up an' opened the back door.
As soon as Lexie heard the backdoor open...she started hollarin'...from waaaayyyy back in the farthest corner. Mom grabbed her big lite an' followed me to where Lexie was makin' all that noise.

There she was, all lit up by mom's big lite....glad to see us, too....on the other side of the chain link fence...stuck. She sat an' looked up at stood there shinin' her lite on Lexie...not sayin' a word. Me? I was just standin' there...well, not too close...not takin' a chance on guilt by association....I was tryin' more for a "not my fault, it was all her idea".

Now, I don't know if you know how a chain link fence/gate works. There's this big metal post that goes in the ground...then a long metal pipe that goes across the chain...then a thingee that has a hole for both to connect 'em. It's really held by tension...they have to fit perfectly. Then there's the gate w/the latch. Lexie managed to undo all that.

Almost midnite, foggy, an' mom's rebuilding a fence mostly in the dark...(she says she's gonna make me learn how to hold her lite if we keep this kind of work up). In the meantime, Lexie's runnin' around us w/her nose in the air an' barkin'...insisitin' that somethin's still back there.

Mom's not impressed at this' tells us both to go to the house. I'm' ahead of 'em both. I figure I'm still the good one. In fact, I grabbed my ball an' tried to engage mom in a game when she came in the house.
She wasn't in the fact, she kinda stormed thru the house to her bathroom, came back w/a towel......because Lexie decided to take a quick dip in the pond on her way back to the house an' was soaked.

Ahhhh....good times.....(mom's still sayin', "NOT!"). :)

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