Friday, January 6, 2017

Who needs "cardio"?

Mom says she don't need to do any cardio workout...she's got us...specifically, Lexie. 

The neighbor across the street was tellin' mom that Harley (the red lab) got hit by a car on the really busy 4 lane road at the end of our block. (It was just a matter of time since he was always out runnin' loose, & he was very lucky) He's ok, ended up w/just a $600 vet bill & stitches on his head. 

With that in the back of mom's mind, we start out for our walk. 
Just me, mom & Lexie. 

Before she even opens the door, she always tells us to "wait". An' we sit & wait for the door to open. Even after she opens the door, we have to "wait". Lexie is always so excited, she actually vibrates while waiting for the "ok".

Mom, says "ok",  & out we go, w'mom closin' the door behind us. .........Lexie keeps goin'....her lead had slipped outa mom's hand! Me & mom are still on the porch, Lexie is trottin' off down the yard, headed for the street. Mom, calls out, "Lexie...what do you do?" (as calm as she can, which is really hard when she wants to scream),  Lexie hears her & when she gets to the edge of the driveway, she plops her butt down, w/ her lead trailin' behind her. But when she sees us start toward her, she pops back up all excited thinkin' it's ok to continue on...., but she's undecided which way to go. She's startin' to bounce & spin all excited. Mom stops, & then calls her (again, tryin' very hard to just sound normal...but I can hear a lil' squeak of panic).  Then she & I head across the yard, between our house and the next & back to our side fence. Lexie sees us go there, but then we were outa she runnnnns to where we are. Mom points to the corner & tells her to "look". (I looked, too, but diddn't see anything but old brown leaves). When Lexie goes to "look", mom grabs her lead.

Whew!!! What a way to start our walk! Lexie is still excited & has no clue that anything was amiss. Me? All this time, I'm just trailin' around w/mom watchin' all this & wishin' we could just get on w/our walk. (she has my lead tied around her left hand w/a death grip, that I think was totally unnessary). I'm pretty sure it took about 3 blocks before mom's heart & blood pressure was back to normal. I had a great walk...Lexie, still clueless, but happy as usual.

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