Wednesday, January 4, 2017

All good plans......

Ahhh...memories....this was last much fun w/the folks....

"4 am---"Lexie...did you hear that?" "Yea!!"
 "I'll go wake mom & tell her you gotta go out. You wait by the back door." "Ok"......", we gotta go out..." She finally gets up & opens the door w/a "now you two come right back!"...."Sure mom, as soon as we're finished...". She closes the big door, & takes the panel off the doggy door & then goes back to bed. 

 4:30 am---We've been barkin' our heads off, way off in the excaped over the fence, & we're not givin' up.....Dad calls us in. We come, because...well, it escaped over the fence, and although it's fun to cause a ruckus...the likelyhood of it comin' back over to our side, is nil. He puts the panel in the doggy door & tells us to go to bed. Well...we do. Lexie goes to my bed & I hop up in mom & dad's bed (right on dad's side). I didn't leave much room for him, but I was willin' to share. Then as he was gettin' in....he noticed somethin'...about then (because I had moved over), so did mom. She woke up really quick, when I kinda laid on her & started givin' big ol' kisses. My beard was all wet....and my feet were all wet & muddy. Dad's pillow was kinda muddy, too, now. Here I was bein' all sweet & cuddly. I laid down between them, like a 60lb stuffie & and they just didn't appreciate it. Did I mention, mom had just washed & changed all the sheets & covers...I just love fresh sheets, don't you?"

Kinda different this year...Lexie is still havin' to wear her cone an' be on a lead' although we had a cold front come thru, when she started barkin' at the backdoor to go out at 2 didn't quiet work.  Dad got up to take us out, but mom told him it was a false alarm, that we just wanted to go huntin' an' playin' around in the cold.  An' dang it....he believed her an' got back in bed!

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