Friday, January 20, 2017

Trainin' Mom an' Dad

Mom thought it was just a fluke this mornin', when Lexie started barkin' an' barkin' an' barkin' in the kitchen. Mom asked her what she' of course to show off, Lexie runs over, gives mom a nose poke an' then runs back into the kitchen w/her ears back like lil' pigtails.
Mom follows her into the kitchen an' sees Lexie standin' by one of the food bowls...the left's empty, but the other one has a lil' food in it.

Now, you gotta understand what our set up is. We've got two food bowls on a lil' stand. They're the same..have the same stuff in 'em. We have always been "free fed"..there's food out there for when ever we just get hungry. We eat together all the time...we've never been food agressive or anythin' can take a bone outa one of our mouths an' give it to the's ok..we know we'll get somethin' an' dad are always fair w/'s no biggee.

For some reason, Lexie likes to wait by the bowl on the left, so when mom's givin' us somethin' from dinner, she'll just usually give it to Lexie on the left (cause that's where she is) an' me on the right..usually in a lil' plate on the floor. Anyway, mom goes an' fills that bowl an' adds a lil' more to the other one. Lexie just takes a lil' bite an' leaves the kitchen, seemingly happy as a lil' clam, leavin' mom standin' there feelin' like she's just been used.

Tonite....Lexie's in the kitchen barkin' an' barkin'. Mom tells dad about this mornin'. He gets up an' goes to the kitchen...then a minute later, he's comin' out w/one of the food bowls to fill up w/some of our food..then takes it back in the kitchen. Lexie takes a bite or two an' follows him back outa the kitchen lookin' very pleased w/herself.

That bowl on the left was empty..but the one on the right still had some. For some reason, Lexie has decided that the bowl on the left is her personal bowl, an' she don't like it..empty. An' by golly, if it is...she's gonna tell somebody an' get it fixed, like right now! I can't believe that mom an' dad are just now noticin' that she's not all cute fur an' fluff...behind that lil' cutsey smile is a crafty calculatin' lil' 'dale...she's never fooled me for a second.

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