Monday, January 16, 2017

If it goes's gotta come back in...

Just another typical nite at our house. Mom gets up to put on her shoes & one of 'em is missing. Dad puts his shoes on & goes to get a flashlite, a black shoe isn't gonna be easy to find at 10 pm at ntie. We all congregate at the back door.

Then mom takes off her one shoe & shows it to Lexie (go figure, the suspected culprit), & tells Lexie to go get her shoe & bring it back in the house. Lexie takes off into the nite, dad just laughs. But about a minute later, here she comes...w/mom's shoe. She dives thru her lil' doggy door & heads for the kitchen. Mom gives her a bacon strip & then picks up her shoe. She don't even care it's all wet. Dad is still amazed. Little does he know, we do this all the time. Mom thinks that if we can drag it golly we can bring it back inside...& she tells us to do it, too.

Needless to say, Lexie does a lot more of this "bringin' stuff back" than I do, lol. She's always takin' stuff outside.

After that, we go out to play some more & Lexie decides to do some nite time pond diving. When she comes in the house, dad locks her outa the I guess she ain't gonna be doin' any snugglin' tonite w/dad. I still don't understand why I got locked out, too.

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