Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New year's Day

Happy New Year, everybody...hope everyone had a nice NY eve! 

We stayed home w/mom an' dad....snacked all day, then watched the festivities on tv. How about that Mariah Carey? Ha ha ha....that's the first time mom an' dad have watched her do anythin' for years an'' well, they still didn't see her do anythin'....ROFL. 

 We scored big time in the dinner dept....we got some steak, baked potatoes, an' carrots. Mom had cooked lobster tails, too...but she didn't share ANY of that! Her excuse was they were small....but I think she was just bein' stingy. 

Then about time for the old year to roll over to the was like a war zone outside. Now, fireworks are illegal here, but that sure didn't stop some people. In fact, there has never been so 

much....ever...around us. These were big, almost professional' a lot of 'em, all around. Good thing we had had a lil' rain, 'cause it's been so dry. Anyway, Lexie popped up at the backdoor at the first couple of pops, an' she wanted to go out to see what it was. Now, last fourth of July, she was scared of 'em. She could hear, but couldn't see what they were. This time...she was out there in the back yard an' was lookin' towards where the noises were comin' from an' wasn't scared. She could see they weren't in our yard, an' it was all ok...noisy..but ok. Dad said we had to all go back inside in case some of those "idiots" started firin' guns in the air, since they never consider the fact that what goes up comes down...if you know what I mean. 

 I guess Lexie was really feelin' all proud an' stuff...'cause she decided of all things, to sleep up in mom an' dad's my spot! She never sleeps there w/them...especially w/her cone! I decided that she's put up w/a lot, an' let her. I slept on the floor in her spot by mom. It's all good.
 Today, it's all grey, overcast an' s'posed to rain. Not much is goin' on outside...the weather is gonna change from warm an' wet to cold, so all the critters are layin' low. Mom says this is another just take it easy day...she's gonna cook somethin'' my M'shell is comin' over...maybe......
So, that's it for now....hope your day is a quiet an' nice take it easy day, too!

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