Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mom.....I'm thirsty

Nose poke....(I don't usually do this, but I'm tryin' to be quiet)....nothin'. O...kay, pat w/a paw....she just patted me back & rolled over. Hmmm...this is not workin'. I know, a full frontal assault, standin' up on the side of the bed, lay on her & give her kisses till she wakes up. Well, she woke up a lil', rolled back, hugged me, pushed me back down & told me to go to sleep. I've got her now......more kisses...she's awake now! Looks at the's 2:30 am, "okay, okay, what do you want?", she asks as she's gettin' up. She heads to the door, but I block her & herd her toward her bathroom. She opens the door (she's so easy when she's half asleep). I stand up on her sink (sublety don't work when she's like this, you gotta be direct). She turns on the water. Ahhhhh...nothin' like fresh sink water, I was thirsty! Yea, I know, I had water in my bowl, but I wanted sink water, it's the best. Meanwhile, I drink about a gallon & she's standin' there, like a zombie, waitin' for me to get my fill, so's she can turn off the faucet. Finally, I'm finished. We both leave the bathroom, I head for my bed & she hers. I'm content, now. She's muttering somethin' that sounds like "unbelieveable". We're both asleep as our heads hit our pillows. ZZZZZ

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