Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mom.....I gots a broke ear :(

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get up in the morning. It was a great day, I thought. Mom and dad were both home, it was bright & cool outside, and Lexie & I even started the day off with a little squirrel chasin'. Then it was time for breakfast, and the great smell of bacon & biscuts. Now, mom & dad don't always give us any, but that don't stop us from tryin' to get some.

They got their breakfast & we've got them surrounded...just in case they drop somethin' or maybe decide to share. Ya, never know. Lexie & I are ready for anything. They finish eating, & mom is taking the dishes to the sink...all of a sudden, she's callin' my name & it's not in the "give me a treat tone". I freeze & look at her. Then, she's got dad over there lookin' at me, too. There's somethin' wrong with my ear! One's up & the other is down. I try to tell her that I'm just havin' a bad hair & ear day. It don't work.

The next thing I know, she's got all that ear cleanin' stuff out. You know...the wet stuff, the cotton balls that she soaks & stuffs down your ear & those lil' sticks that get poked down your ear. Yuck!  Yep, they both get to work on my ears, but I've still got clean ears from my bath. Mom's stumped, so she gets on the phone & now I've got a dr appt tomorrow. All this, and I still didn't get any bacon or biscuts. Well at least I know I'll get somethin' tomorrow, "cause my vet is inside the big doggy store full of great stuff.

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