Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dad's Learnin' AHS protocol

Last nite, Lexie & I had a possum treed up in the big Crepe Myrtle, by the fence. It was over on the side of the yard that is dark. We had chased it up there, but couldn't get to it. Plus, it was up high & we couldn't see. So's, I sent Lexie in to get dad, while I kept watch. Finally, he came out w/the big flashlite. I stood up on the tree & told him that we needed more lite. He put the lite on the possum. So..I went on the other side & did the same thing. (sometimes w/mom & dad you just gotta keep repeatin' stuff to get them to understand what you want). He got it...& shined the lite over there. Still, no possum....we kept him out there till he shined that ol' lite all over the tree & every single branch. We don't do anything halfway, we're professionals. Our policy is that you either get "it" or get rid of  "it". This time, that possum had slipped over the fence. Well, nothin' to do, but go in the house & get a cookie or somethin', & report to mom that we at least got it outa' our yard! Mom listened to dad's report of havin' to stand out there shinin' a lite up in a tree, & all she said was, "see what I go thru, if nothing else...they are thorough".

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