Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If you're gonna play hide & seek w/someone, be sure & tell 'em!

Another FYI----if you're gonna play hide & seek w/someone (MOM), be sure & tell 'em. When I was a pup, I always went in dad's side of the closet & mom would go, "where's Bailey?" Then she'd open up her side of the closet & be all surprised & say, "There he is!!", & we'd laugh & laugh. I still do it, but not all the time (you gotta change up your routine). This morning, I did it, while she was in the shower. I was realy quiet, too! Well, she got dressed & then left....closin' the door. I could hear Lexie bein' a nuisance, when mom was cleanin' the bird cages & puttin' out the trash. I tried to let her know where I was, but she thought I was barkin' at some critter outside. She even sent Lexie out to "help" me. Actually, she was only tryin' to get Lexie out from underfoot, so she could get them cages clean. Then, I heard her in the kitchen puttin' up dishes. Finally, I tried again, to let her know where I was.  I heard her tell Lexie to go find me (again). Lexie goes outside & then comes back in to report, that I wasn't out there. (Did she look in mom's bathroom? Noooooo! I think she knows where I am the whole time, how could she not?). Since mom only told her to go check outside, that's all she did.  Then I hear mom go in the backyard & call me. I actually could watch her thru the window, but she didn't see me. I'm just shakin' my head & waitin'. She's callin' & callin' me. I watch as she does a fence check, all is intact. But "no Bailey". We both can hear some dogs down the street all in an uproar about somethin'. I can tell she's startin' to panic, thinkin' somehow I might be involved. (Not likely!). Lexie is just runnin' around w/her, thinkin' this is exciting stuff.  I wasn't worried, I knew she'd figure it out...eventually. So, I'm waintin' patiently. Sure 'nuff, mom comes in & starts openin' doors. First, the laundry room & door to the garage. No Bailey. The stairs....nope...still has the gate across the bottom. Then ............she opens her bathroom door...."There's Bailey!!!" We both laugh & we all go in the kitchen for a cookie!!

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