Friday, November 18, 2011

Lexie's quiet, too quiet......

Morning was pretty's doin' stuff w/clothes. I'm just kinda hangin' out, keepin' an eye on mom.  Lexie's pretty quiet.....too quiet (that always seems to make some kind of "blip" on mom's radar) decides to just go check on her,  & there's Lexie on my bed (again) just happily holdin' somethin in her lil' paws & chewin' on it. & I both look & can't figure it out what the heck she's got. Lexie is kinda hidin' it in her paws & just lookin up at mom. Then she quick like pops it into her mouth. Mom starts to take it, but after feelin' the part that's actually hangin' outa Lexie's mouth, decides the "ick" factor warrents somthin' better than her bare hand. I keep watch, while mom goes & gets a lil paper towel. Then she tells Lexie to drop it....well, Lexie kinda plops it outa her mouth on the paper towel. Mom still can't tell what it "was". Maybe a lil' bird, a tiny lil' part of a hummin' bird...don't know. Lexie's still layin' there w/a big expentant look, as if mom's gonna give her approval an' give it back.  In any's "ick" factor won out & it got disposed of. Then me & Lexie got a mom approved cookie. Personally, I kinda like how this all turned out. One question, though...why always does Lexie always take contraband to my bed?

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