Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stolen Goods

Yep...Lexie did it again! See? Sometimes it's just great havin' a lil' sister. I can continue to be the "good one", yet benefit from her antics. She stole a whole bag of pretzels from the kitchen this morning. Then she took off out her lil' doggy door, with the bag flappin' outa' her mouth, hopin' no one saw her. Only problem was, she left all the evidence & stolen goods behind! That's right, once again, she grabbed the bag by the bottom, dumpin' all the contents before she finds her "safe" place, where she thinks she can enjoy it in private.
I saw it all unfold, & just waiting for her to make her "escape". Then, I do what I usually do..."follow the trail of crumbs", in this case a whole lot of pretzels, & eat the evidence.  It didn't take her long to discover that she was just left holdin' the bag....and nothin' else. So, here she comes & starts eatin' pretzels from the other end of the trail.  Of course, this attracts unwanted attention.....mom.  She sees what's goin' on...both of us munchin' as fast as we can, 'cause we know she's not goin' to let us eat all of these pretzels. She goes outside & retrieves the empty bag & then  we have a race of who can get/eat the most pretzels. She's scooping & we're munchin'.  I think she won.  To add injury to insult...she gives some to Bozo, the macaw & puts the rest in his food tin!

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