Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's gone!

I'm milkin' my sore ear for all it's worth & stickin' close to mom in the house.  Lexie has the morning shift, at AHS, & is out  patrollin'. At least that's what she's supposed to be doin'. Last I saw, she had parked herself under one of the pecan trees & was staring up at the top. She's been like that for hours! I swear, she's gonna get a crick in her neck!  It's a lil' windy, & I finally went out and did a security check, myself. Sure nuff, there's no squirrel...he excaped long ago over the roof of the shed. Lexie's still insisting that he might still be up there....


  1. I hope your ear is better today but I would milk it for all it's worth!
    Keep on squirrel patrol you never know when he might pop his head over the fence!

  2. Well, at least she was out and about trying to look busy and not in the house pestering you. Just chill and relax let Mom and Dad and MEshelle wait on you.....