Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Extreme Lexie

What a day! Lexie has outdone herself today. First, she got into a box & stole a bag of chia seeds. Then, took it to my bed & proceeded to open it & spill 'em all over. There was a godzillion of them lil' seeds, everywhere!! Lucky for her, she managed to keep 'em all on my bed...& herself. Mom confiscated the bag & went on the c'puter to make sure Lexie hadn't OD'd on somethin'. Don't think, Lexie ate many, anyway. They must not have tasted very good. Mom took my bed out & shook it in the garden (guess she'll have lil' chia plants comin' up all over). Then she tried to wash 'em off Lexie's face & nose. They were stuck on there like they'd been superglued. I think it'd been funny to leave 'em. Just imagine, Lexie...the first chia 'dale. Lol. 

Later, mom & I were in the kitchen. She was washin' dishes, & I was helpin' by watchin' the neighborhood. All of a sudden, I "woofed". I never "woof". Mom turns around & sees what I see. Guess who was trottin' up the sidewalk to the front door? Yep, Lexie! We both rushed to the front door, & when mom opens it, in comes Lexie. As pretty as you please, with her lil' tail waggin', very pleased w/herself. Mom checked her all over & made sure she was alright. I gave her a good sniffin' all over, too. Then mom locked us both in the house & made a beeline to do a fence check. Sure 'nuff, Lexie had pushed a lil' hole in the fence & had gone to the neighbors backyard. Guess, she was stuck in there, so she kinda dug under their fence & scooted out to the front yard. Then came "knockin'" on the front door, like she'd done somethin' great. So, mom spent the next hour doin' fence repair. She was still in shock that Lexie was "out & about", but so relieved she came right to her front door. Lexie has never been loose...ever! Dad comes home for lunch, & we all have some nice quiet down time. Mom's enjoyin' that, after the morning she's had. 

So's, after lunch, mom's doin' laundry. On one of her passes, she looks at Lexie on my bed (again, right?). She's gnawin' on mom's new purse, that she was so proud of gettin' for 50% off, the day before. Boy!! I haven't seen her so mad..she snatched it away from Lexie & told her she was "bad"! Then she made her "leave it". I guess, Lexie decided that mom really really didn't want her to play w/her purse anymore. "cause she left it alone after that. Mom got in her car & rushed to the store & there was only one more left, so she got a replacement. Although it's not such a great bargain,now. But when she came home, Lexie met her at eht door w/one of mom's lil' pillows & waggin' her tail. Mom told Lexie she wasn't mad & gave her a big hug. It's all good. For the rest of the day, Lexie has sure been lovin' it up to mom, bringin' her pillows & snugglin'. You'd think she was just the perfect lil' angel...if so, why'd she try to steal my rawhide right outa my mouth? She ate hers.

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