Saturday, November 5, 2011

ZZZZZ.......WHAT!?!?'s been messin' with my blog stuff all afternoon.  Boring! I bet she coulda' saved time if she went and found some lil' kid in the neighborhood to do it. Anyway,  Lexie & I have been busy patrollin' , not much goin' on outside tonite. So, finally, I just decided to lay on the couch & watch mom. Of course, I got so comfy, I fell asleep. I'm snoozin' and all of a wakes me up! Just 'cause I was kinda sleepin' with my eyes open a little & she said it was grossin' her out. Now, how rude is that?  Well, I'm leavin' & gonna go climb up in bed with dad!

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  1. Hey, Bailey! Welcome to the blog world! I have a bloggy too! And I belong to a really great community called Dogs with Blogs! I think there are over 1500 of us from all over the world. We laugh together and we cry together, but mostly we all care about each other, even if we have never met face to face!