Saturday, August 6, 2016


AHS-Log  Aug 5/6....since it kinda overlapped....(not our fault)....
for the last few nites we've been tryin' to tell mom we've had a problem w/a perpetrator in the backyard.  He's been takin' authorized liberties all nite long, while we've been locked inside due to mom..."closin' outside".
Lexie has been sleepin' at the backdoor an' has sounded the alarm several times, when she's heard him rummagin' around right by the house.   We've had him cornered several times  (although I have to admit we have yet figured out how to pull up them big deck boards to get at him...not for lack of tryin')
Last nite...was an official operation.  We chased him all the way to the back where he decided to hunker down an' "dig in"....literally.  Lexie an' I weren't haven't it.....he'd been warned...heck we even have our no critter tresspassin' sign up..
We warned him...we chased him....we started workin' on how to get at him.  Oh, we heard mom an' dad call us...but...well, we were a lil' busy.   I finally sent Lexie in to give a quick report to mom, while I kept watch.  I was hopin' she'd enlist mom as backup...we could use her big' to be honest between me tryin' to take that horse wire apart an' Lexie's tunnel diggin' ..we weren't gettin' anywhere very fast.  An' that critter was hissin' an' snappin' at us.....Lexie said he was doin' some trash talkin' an' tauntin' us.  (You can just imagine how we reacted to midnite an' after).

Mom took one look at Lexie an' grabbed her lite an' headed out to where I was keepin' watch in order to get a visual of what we were dealin' with.  (She says she wanted to know where the tunnel was an' where it was goin')


Lexie led her right to where I was waitin'.  It took mom only about a minute to see how serious this operation was.  There was the hole on our side of the fence, the almost torn horse fence (it's kinda bent up..but that stuff is tuff), the tunnel on the other side of the fence, an' the problem stickin' his head outa that tunnel an' top it all off...hissin' an' snappin' at mom!
After takin' a quick appraisal of the whole situation, mom marched right back inside the house w/Lexie (why Lexie followed mom, I don't know...probably thought mom was gonna get a shovel an' help w/the hole or somethin')...I stayed an' kept watch.  I knew mom was comin' back.
Mom told dad there was a problem.   Now, here's where the problem really lies.  She just doesn't prioritize stuff like I think she should.   We needed to figure out how to get that possum an' get rid of him.  She was more worried about us gettin' to him thru that fence an' then Lexie decidin' at sometime in the future to figure out where his tunnel came from on the other side of that big wood fence an' out into some field.

Next thing that happened, was dad out there w/mom in the dark doin' fence work. By this time it was well after' dad wasn't happy....I wasn't happy, that thing was still pokin' his head outa his' Lexie, who found herself locked in the house while all this was goin' on an' not knowin' what was happenin'...she wasn't happy.   Dad finally did somethin' right...he shoved some pipes down an' across that possum's tunnel, so he couldn't come out that way..he'd have to go back into that field where he came from.  Mom's still not happy....'cause if there's one...there's a dozen or more...they multiply faster then rabbits.  At least now she knows what happened to all her squash an' dad's lil' cantelopes.  
I was satisfied w/dad's work an' followed him an' mom back to the house.  Then mom gave Lexie another look.....
She tried a really wet towel to clean her up...but that didn't do anythin' but smear the mud.  So, there was mom an' Lexie on the patio at 1 am.  Mom had the hose an' was power washin' Lexie's face an' front paws.  It was the only thing to do....especially since lexie was a lil' sad that dad had locked her outa the bedroom.  After that, she got toweled off (she likes that part the most)' a' more important..bedroom access.  Which we all took advantage of an' settled in for a good nites sleep, after a successful mission (kinda).

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