Wednesday, August 24, 2016

In the Dark......

AHS log.....Right before midnite, mom heard Lexie out in the back 40 makin' a racket. I knew right away that she was warnin' off an intruder, so I gave mom a "c'mon'...this may be serious" look an' took off out Lexie's door.
Mom took the hint.....she says it was because we were both makin' a' grabbed her big lite to come assist us....she says she was comin' to make us quit an' come in the house.

By the time she made it out to the back corner (for some reason she don't move as fast in the dark as in the day time...I don't understand it really....we don't have that problem)...the whole thing was pretty much over. Whatever it was, took our warnin's seriously an' went back over our fence to the field behind. We were just doin' a perimeter check to make sure he didn't have any friends.

Mom told us to go back to the house....since we were done, anyway, Lexie an' I raced back. We waited for mom at the back door (I told you she was slow), watchin' her lite bounce up an down as she made her way across the yard. All of a sudden,,.....there wasn't any bouncin' lite. We couldn't hear her either....well, up until she started sayin' stuff...kinda like a loud grumblin'....Did I mention that we've been havin' lots of rain an overcast, when it's dark, it's realy dark.

Anyways, mom called me. Curious as to what was goin' on, I went to find her. Lexie came too, 'cause this was unusual an' maybe mom found an intruder Nope....her lite went out an' she was out there in the dark in her "jungle". Lexie an' I looked around an' didn't see or sniff out anythin' unusual, so when she said, "ok...lets all go back to the house"....Lexie an' I took off an' raced, again, back.

Mom finally made it back to the house, where she found both of us standin' at the door grinnin' an' waitin' on her, w/a "what took you so long" look.

I'm pretty sure she was grumblin' somethin' about bein' abandoned out in the dark, but she should know better....we were watchin' an' listenin' over her the whole time.......she's our number one priority, afterall. Just 'cause she needs that big lite, doesn't mean we do.

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