Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Me 1 Mom-0

Bailey- 1 Mom- 0........again...naturally.

First off, I hate pills...pills of any fact I'm pretty suspicious of anythin' new....and have to take it in the other room to thoroughly exam it.
Mom's tried everythin'....marshmallows, tuna, cheese, meat, hot dog, sausage, bacon, name it...she's tried it. An' I've been able to peel, lick, unwrap an' enjoy it' leave whatever pill there was, spotlessly clean an' layin' on the floor.

It's a grand game, as far as I'm, not so much. In fact, she's just about givin' up an' just stuffs it down my throat.
This is the usual routine, lol

Why am I bringin' this up? Well, I'll tell you. I was mindin' my own business. I had just gotten up on the couch to share some time w/mom while she was watchin' tv. I was all comfy an' settled....but mom was complainin' an' holdin' her nose. Then wavin' a magazine at me!, maybe I over' let out a lil' toot when I plopped down on the couch. Don't know what the big deal was, but she kinda hurt my feelin's an' I got down an' went over to my bed.

She was't through, though. She got up, still complainin'' went rummagin' through her stash of firstaid/medical stuff. Then I heard an "ah ha!!!". I knew what that I watched her march into the kitchen. I just waited.

Sure 'nuff...she came out of the kitchen w/a rolled up piece of stinky cheese. <she knows I love that cheese>. I took it....rolled it around in my mouthe...enjoyed that cheese...then spit out that "Gas Be Gone" pill. It looked like it just came outa that bottle, lol.

Givin' out one of her exasperated' givin' me a "challengin' look"....which I responded w/a "big eyed...what're you gonna try next" look of my own, she snatched up that pill an' marched back to the kitchen. I waited.

All of a sudden, I could hear drawers openin' an' shuttin', the refrigerator openin' an' shuttin'' then....some kind of machine. Thinkin' that was new...I couldn't stand it an' went into the kitchen just to see what she was doin'.

Whatever it smelled pretty good. Mom turned off that lil' machine, got down a' scooped it all out. Then she presented it to me.

It kinda looked like a giant deconstructed mini meat had a lil stinky cheese,' a lil' piece of roasted chicken all ground up an' mixed together. I could smell all the delicious ingredients an' dug right in, all the while knowin' mom was watchin' me.

I ate it all, even licked the plate an' made it scoot across the tile floor. Then I went back to my bed, all satisfied. Mom bragged to dad that she finally pulled one over on me. I was listenin'' I waited.
Mom went back in the kitchen to pick up my plate an' put it in the dishwasher. There layin', where I had left 'em, were two pill chunks...clean as a whistle. She came flynin' outa the kitchen to show dad, an' in her hand were those two pill chunks.
"HE DID IT TO ME, AGAIN!!, she said. Dad just laughed. I went over to verify the pill chunks....yep, there they were.

She showed 'em to me layin' there in her hand. I looked at' she seemed to not see the fun in, I really didn't want her upset....I just picked 'em up an' ate 'em. It was no biggee, really...just a' in all games, there's winners an'' it's always important to be a gracious an' good winner/ :)

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