Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thank you---an You're Welcome

It's all about' if it makes 'em feel good, then I say to go along w/it. It don't cost you nothin'' you still might get somethin' outa it...if nothin' else but good will. Ya know, bankin' them "brownie points" for the future.

Take last nite for instance. Mom, dad an' M'shell went out to eat w/ our Papa at the American Legion Hall. It was a tribute dinner for past post commanders. He even got a standin' ovation for bein' a WWII veteran (there was only one other one there)' lots of handshakes, some' even a kiss on the cheek. It made him feel pretty special. But another thing that I thought was pretty special was the menu.....steak an' lobster...big steaks an' lobsters.

There was so much food that not everyone was able to finish their plates. Mom bein' mom thought about us. Me an' Lexie stuck at home...alone...w/only our dog food. Did I mention alone? Not even able to smell that delicious stuff? Anyway, she got a lil' plate an' put some of that food they were throwin' away on it, covered it w/a couple of napkins an' brought it home. Papa had so much, he was able to take enough home for a couple of dinners.

When mom got home, she fixed us a plate. Wowzer...we get leftovers, but this had to be a first...a sirloin stead dinner w/baked tators an' even a lil' green beans! Needless to say, we went to town on them plates, an' they were so clean that she coulda' just put 'em back up in the cabinet.

After we were finished, we both sought her out. (This is what I'm really talkin' about, we do this everytime she gives us somethin' special)....she pets us, tells us that we're "very wecome", 'cause she thinks we're sayin' thank you. Heck, I even got up on the couch an' insisted on pets an' hugs for about 15- 20 minutes...even "cuddled" next to her. FYI....oh, yea...I enjoyed it...enjoyed it a lot....I know it makes her happy.....was I sayin' "thank you"? Are we grateful for all we have? Yes....but just in case she's got some more steak , an' is feelin' the "love" enough to give us some more.....well, we'd be even more grateful, lol.

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