Thursday, August 25, 2016

New Routine....not!

Ok....I've told you that the folks are a work in progress...have been for years....I don't think they'll ever "get it" matter how many times I have to repeat stuff.

For instance, this mornin'. Dad's gettin' ready for work. Goin' in the kitchen...goin' in his bathroom.....shavin'....gettin' clothes. I've followed him everywhere....tried several time in several different rooms to remind him that he had forgotten somethin'....gave him the "look" over an' over.

He tried turnin' on mom's sink....tried givin' me a cookie (naturally, Lexie didn't turn it down)....I finally had to resort to visual aids (I swear, he's takin' a step backwards)....gave him the "look", then a nosepoke...then I walked over to the backdoor' of all things, had to give the door a nosepoke then dad the "look" much plainer do I have to get?

Who doesn't have to "go" when you get up in the mornin'? It's not like it's a new routine or somethin'........

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