Sunday, August 7, 2016

...from outside......

10:45am I have my "Do Not Disturb" sign out.....which mom chooses to ignore by gettin' out the' she never vacumns on early sunday mornin', geezzzzz

5 am---go out for a quick recon when dad got up for work, then back in bed..we're a lil' tuckered

2:15am-3:45am---locked in the bedroom, but not gettin' much sleep 'cause Lexie just won't let it go. Once she sets her mind on somethin' it's like a terrier w/a bone---uh wait...that is exactly why, I guess. (Mom says hard headed) Anyway, mom told her don't know how many times to go to sleep an' that whatever it was ..was way gone an' that was that! Heck...even at one point, mom got outa bed an' picked Lexie up an put her up in bed...under the covers w/her to try to get her to go to sleep an' be quiet. It lasted about 10 fact everythin' lasted about 10-15 min or so. Lexie'd be quiet, but thinkin' about what she thinks she should be doin' an chasin'...couldn't sleep, so she'd pop up w/barkin' demands to be let out. Dad was ignorin' her an' tryin' to sleep, mom was tryin' to sleep, tryin' to ignore her, an' tryin' to get her to be quiet. Me.....I was stayin' outa' it an' bein' quiet...I've been there done that an' mom's not gonna give in at this point.

<THUNK!> from outside...even mom heard it

<ROARIN', BARKIN', CODE RED!!!> we were at the back door tryin' to go through it....I even tried openin' the doggy door....turnin' the knob.....bangin' on came in an' pulled up the blinds an' turned on the outside lite....(naturally she didn't see anythin').....she tried pullin' us off the door, away from the door...anythin', but this was an' emergency situation...and even for us..both...there was somethin'/someone out there!!!! This was no false alarm. Mom, even went an' looked out the front...(why? I was outback we needed access to). She even thought about lettin' us out ...then that thought went to she didn't know what was out' she really didn't feel like goin' an' tanglin' w/somethin'...or tryin' to "help", of all things, she decided to check all the locks, pull down the door blinds, turn off the outside lites an' try to convince us that our duty was to stand guard INSIDE the house. She will never learn that an offensive stance is better then the defensive....or she could let me out an' keep Lexie for backup....I dunno...but neither Lexie or I agreed w/this. We demanded to be let out..takin' turns to try to sniff through the door cracks. I even stood up an' tried to look out the window blinds.....there was somethin' out there an' we needed to get it!!!! An' we weren't bein' quiet about it!! After about 15 minutes of wrestlin' w/us, tryn' to calm us down, an' even tryin' to bribe us (Lexie wasn't even takin' a cookie...we were in pro mode) finally grabbed Lexie's collar an' ordered us to the bedroom. Then shut the door an' told us to go to sleep! AS if.......

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