Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Fastest U-Turn

Whoa.......I had no idea. Lexie had been after mom an' dad to go outside, but mom had closed it (yep, mom closes outside pretty' before we're ready). Oh, we had both been hearin' the boomin', but not really payin' attention. It just doesn't bother us. Finally, mom decided that just maybe Lexie needed out for a "powder room break", an' she told dad to go ahead an' let us out...but w/the instruction to "come RIGHT back!".
I was at the front of the line an' zoomed outside w/Lexie on my heels...literally, 'cause I barely got my tail outside before I had my head right back fact, I almost bowled Lexie over...we had a regular traffic jam at the door. It was RAININ'!!!
I don't do rain...not if I don't have to. Whew, it was a close one, I tell you....thankfully, you'll be relieved to know I barely got my head wet. Now, Lexie on the other paw.....I guess she had to "go"' went pretty far out. I know she probably followed the tree line, like I taught her years ago. It keeps you outa' the deluge if you really need to be out in the rain. After a few minutes, she came zoomin' in....soaked, lol. I'd feel bad for her if, she wouldn't insist on jumpin' on me when she's' two, if she didn't like it so much. It took two for the floor an' one for her.
Needless to closed outside for good tonite. :)

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