Saturday, August 6, 2016

Wake up Gift......

OMD....I can' hardly stand it.....I'm laughin' so hard. I really don't know why mom even bothers gettin' in a's not like it's the first time somethin's gotten loose in the house. Remember that time Lexie an' I discovered that big possum in the garage...then flushed it out an' it got in the house? Then was hidin' behind the couch an' chairs while we chased it an' mom runnin' around w/a broom? What great fun...but we took care of it. Well, this flashed before mom's eyes when dad came home for lunch an' asked her if she happened to get a lil' gift when she woke up this mornin'. An' then he proceeded to tell her that when he finally let us out at 5am this mornin'...he had a lil' trouble gettin' us back in. We were busy.

Finally, right before he had to leave for work, he called us one last time w/"that voice" an' told us to come inside. Since I was done, I came right away...went' then Lexie was right behind me. But dad looked at her an' closed the door in her face. Even I thought that was a lil'' Lexie was a lil' confused. So, she went to her lil' door to come inside (she wasn't gonna miss out on his "I'm goin' to work, so here's your mornin' cookie".

Dad opened the back door,' told her she couldn't come in the house with the possum she had in her mouth. He then told her to drop it....she weighed her' then decided to think about it for a minute an' went back out in the yard.

Dad left the her lil' doggy door open an' went to work, leavin' mom sleepin' an' totally unaware of the possibilities. (At this point, mom told dad to never leave her sleepin' unawares again....ignorance is not bliss...if she had woken up to a possum in her bed or stepped on it). He thought it was funny.
Anyway....before he hardly finished tellin' her, she had both of us out the backdoor w/orders to find that "possum", now!'s not like we lost it or anythin'....we knew where it was an' really didn't understand the problem. In fact, we thought she woulda' taken care of it when she came out w/her mornin' coffee an' plant waterin'. It was right there by the back door, where Lexie left it when she came inside after hearin' dad leavin' for work. She knew not to bring it in the house....she was a lil' confused w/what dad wanted when he told her to come in the house.

All I've gotta say is it's all about' most of the problem is w/the folks....I tell you....they are a work in progress, 'cause we know what we're doin' in spite of 'em.

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